2021 Digital Facilitation Development Workshop

Active Citizens is a social leadership training programme of the British Council which aims to build trust and understanding by supporting people to act on issues they care about. For over ten years, the programme has tackled issues of local relevance and global significance, strengthening communities across 80 countries around the world.

This workshop mainly concentrated on facilitation skill development of the facilitators who will cascade their learnings to the Active to engage with root level communities and work with social causes.

The programme’s objectives are:

To support facilitators to become familiar and confident with how they facilitate the Active Citizens learning journey virtually;

To develop virtual facilitation skills on how to deliver directly to communities through a distance or blended model;

To develop skills and value for intercultural dialogue and networking in a virtual space;

To promote a quality assured delivery model which includes safeguarding at its core.

The 2021 Active Citizens Philippines Digital Facilitation Workshop is organized by Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology with the support of British Council Philippines. The workshop is lead by Marge Defensor (Global Master Facilitator), Dhang Tecson (Luzon Master Facilitator), Kristine Buenavista (Visayas Master Facilitator), Phyllis Teanco (Mindanao Master Facilitator), Darwin Manubag (Mindanao Master Facilitator) and Syed Ameen (BARMM Master Facilitator).

To know more about the program, please contact: