Busikon Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative
The region on Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao is known for its overall richness and fertility in agriculture. One of the most pressing challenges, however, is giving more opportunities for communities to engage in sustainable agriculture and farming that gives shape to their livelihood and welfare. This is especially true for the current Philippine Government as President Rodrigo Duterte once said that “Agriculture is the backbone of the Philippine economy. Groups determined in the field of innovative agriculture are thus sprouting to make this change.

Busikon Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative is one of the more competent groups doing this hard yet rewarding work. They are mainly involved in Maguindanao where communities as blessed with rich, fertile land that needs sustainable agriculture to better enhance the livelihood and legacy for the next generation of Maguindanao farmers and partners. Busikon Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative calls itself as a “Center for Integrated Organic Farming” because its main goal is to merge sustainable farming with effective land use. By integrating in grand funding and training through the CSO-SEED Ideation Camp and partnership of Department of Trade and Industry- ARMM, Busikon Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative was able to not only impart their vision but bring it to live to more interested community engagers and key players in BARMM.

Presently, Busikon Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative is now impacting other neighboring communities to smart with even small plots of land for sustainable agriculture. Through the dedication and continuous vision-driven projects of Busikon Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative and its partner communities, more and more greener communities in BARMM can jumpstart new generations of farmers that are green-conscious and efficient. For the agricultural potential of the Philippines to come alive, initiatives like Busikon Greenland Multipurpose Cooperative must be encouraged and supported.


Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips
Giant Saba Bananas have always been filled with potential and yet are often overlooked. Banana Chief’s unpeels this untapped potential and also uplifts the livelihood of Giant Saba farmers from Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte. By producing high-quality products, these farmers’ livelihood has changed for the better. Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips have a variety of banana chips that are all-natural, vegan, flavorful, and proudly Pinoy. Featuring the Chief or Datu as their main icon, Banana Chief’s is Pinoy pride packaged as high-quality banana chips!

Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips are presently sold in many main pasalubong centers and specialty stores around the Philippines. Aside from their popular all-natural Ripe, lightly Salted, and Pinoy BBQ Variants; they also produce highly indulgent and unique chocolate-covered banana chips, in partnership with Theo and Philo. Advocating for fair trade among their farmers, Banana Chief’s envisions a truly agriculture-driven Philippines whose Pinoy pride is in their own cultivation and high-quality products come naturally.

Hillsview Mangosteen Tea
Staying true to its farming roots, Hillsview Mangosteen Tea produces high-quality mangosteen tea that has potent folk medicinal properties. This agribusiness actually started when a strong typhoon hit the farm in Agusan Del Sur. However, the farm knew that mangosteen trees, once properly boiled mangosteen tree bark was processed, would not only help them rise up from the devastating typhoon aftermath but would also aid Filipinos better recover from their ailments. Locals would often report that after drinking Hillsview Mangosteen Tea, there were significant positive changes in their health.

Since rehabilitating the farm, Hillsview Mangosteen Tea continues to support many farmers and their wives by giving them steady employment. One of the many projects Hillsview Mangosteen Tea hopes to accomplish is to also give their farmers opportunities to grow in other areas like putting up an alternative learning center that will cater to farmers or employees that didn’t get to finish their high school education. By producing healthy mangosteen tea and a healthy livelihood for local farmers, Hillsview Mangosteen Tea hopes to inspire other Filipino farmers and businesses to stick to their roots and care for their community. 

Kape Mindanaw
Is a fair trade coffee business. It harvests its coffee beans from microlots managed by coffee farmers in Mindanao highlands. The social enteprise also provides roasting services, coffee courses and barista training through its partner organizations.
Co-founded by Richard Rejas
Active Citizen based in Cagyan De Oro, Mindanao

Ghat's Garden
Provides a self-sufficient garden model educating familes and out-of-school youth from low-income communities about growing food in small spaces. The social enterprise sells and promotes sustainably sourced, local and affordable food.
Founded by Carmelo Tugas
Active Citizen based in Iligan, Mindanao