Arts & Crafts

Karaw Craftventures
Karaw Craftventures provides opportunities of change and creativity for female prisoners in Naga City Jail. Starting out as a college project, Karaw Craftventures saw the lack of reformation activities for prisoners. Apart from this, there are projects in the jail that give livelihood to these prisoners but the middlemen would often gain most of their profit. Karaw Craftventures stepped in to change this system into dignified labor and even training these female prisoners to become artisans creating craft products like dolls and keychains.

Also advocating for zero waste and sustainable efforts, Karaw Craftventures also use environment-friendly means to make their crafts. One of the their more popular projects titled “RAGPET” uses recycled materials to create unique dolls each with their own personalized touch and story. The prisoners are then able to have a creative and productive outlet that deeply uplifts them. Advocating for true hope in prisons and the pressing environmental issues, Karaw Craftventures uses art and social development to achieve true social good. 

Trading Post Butuan
Trading Post Butuan is a social enterprise that provides female prisoners from Butuan City Jail that opportunity to create beautiful products for a curated boutique in one of Butuan’s luxury hotels. These products are a combination of the best products from the Caraga region that also gain popularity among locals and Filipinos around the country. These products can be shipped nationwide and empowers local businesses in Butuan City. 

Trading Post Butuan also gives more opportunities to hone the craftsmanship skills of female inmates in Butuan.City Jail. Trading Post Butuan partners with these inmates to not only give them livelihood but the opportunity to experience change and hope even inside the city jail. Female inmates are given dignity and also given hope in spite of their situation. By uplifting small business owners and even inmates, Trading Post Butuan stands for the development of its community and change through encouraging meaningful livelihood.