Education (Education)
One of the basic rights that the Filipino youths of today have is the right to education. However, the ever-increasing costs of living and poverty rates continue to challenge most Filipino parents and their children. Education is becoming a privileged then, rather than a right. Thankfully, especially during the age of the Internet, there are opportunities to make education accessible and also affordable. is one of those technology-based social enterprises dealing with education the Filipino youth by organizing a dedicated online platform for Philippine education. Their innovative online platform has a variety of scholarships, course and school information, career and capacity building opportunities, and other Filipino education ventures that is committed to building a brighter future from Filipino youth everywhere. is also promoting career awareness which gives the Filipino youth of today valuable insight for their future plans.

Aside from education and career awareness, is a site filled with valuable information about other organizations or partners that youths can engage in order to not only make them more employable but also to make them more active citizens of their communities. For example, they have an article on their platform that is about becoming a student volunteer in Mindanao wherein they list information about organizations that students can volunteer. With this variety of online sources, is an online platform that, thus, helps the Filipino youths make informed choices, become valued citizens of the Philippines, and committed to form a competent and highly educated Filipino generation for years to come.

Philippine artists are some of the most talented and resourceful individuals in our community. Through resilience and patience, they are able to hone inspiration and passion into masterpieces that bring their either surreal or extraordinary visions to life. In the Philippines, artists struggle to bring forth their unique vision for the general public to appreciate. Bringing art to the public is one of the main hurdles that Filipino artists experience. Viable and dedicated social enterprises, luckily, step in to promote Filipino artists and contemporary art to the public.

Edukahon is one such unique social enterprise committed to bringing artists to the public by giving them a platform to practice and creative unique art pieces. Edukahon’s pool of artists is innovating through the use of unique art forms. One of their more known works has to do with paper mache artists from Paete, Laguna featuring Philippine fauna like the Tarsier and the Philippine Eagle. Connecting art to relevant topics and issues is one of Edukahon’s innovations to not only better bring a platform forwards but to also showcase the raw talent of upcoming Filipino artists.

Edukahon’s impact has to do with bringing art pieces of relevant discussion and intrigue to the Filipino public. Edukahon is also able to educate the Filipino public through their art by also hosting some art workshops relevant to their pool of artists’ caliber or passion. Edukahon’s relevant impact then is to creatively awaken Filipinos to explore and appreciate art from their perspective. This, in turn, forms Edukahon’s goal which is to better educate and inspire more individuals through their art, whether it be observing a created pice or making art on their own.