Environmental Conservation

Green Relief Marawi
When communities are displaced or deeply affected by natural disasters or armed conflict, Green Releaf Marawi steps in to provide community-oriented rehabilitation and disaster preparedness solutions. Green Releaf iMarawi’s main goal is to see survivors of tragic event change into capable thrivers. For instance, after the Marawi siege, Green Releaf stepped in and introduced agricultural endeavors driven to feed Marawi families. Green Releaf also pushed for projects in permaculture and an ecovillage for the survivors to plant their own vegetables and fill their community with much needed greenery.

Green Releaf’s projects are always green and sustainable. Their expertise in these green-oriented development programs and fundraising has uplifted communities without damaging their local environment. Green Releaf believes that true change in disaster-stricken communities cannot occur if even relief efforts only bring in more climate change. With their team of knowledgeable experts in the area of relief and sustainability, Green Releaf continues to bring green solutions in different parts of the Philippines. 

Phinix brings sustainable fashion to the forefront of social advocacy and fashion. By recycling old textile materials such as fabric straps and creating iconic fashion pieces, Phinix is setting the standard for what Philippine fashion can look like when it is driven for less carbon emission and waste management. Their most popular pieces are shoes and bags that are made with 97% percent less carbon emission as validated by research with the UN Environment.

Apart from bringing sustainable fashion to center stage, Phinix also hopes to train persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the trades of textile recycling and making beautiful fashion pieces. These PWDs then get to be a part of change for the better through this fashion social enterprise. Phinix believes in advocating for true change by repurposing old textiles and training disadvantaged individuals to be like their emblemic Phoenix, dying then rising elegantly from the ashes. By producing high-quality materials, Phinix is bringing new life to the world of local sustainable fashion and the fashion industry.

Earthling PH
Advocating for zero waste and integrating this into everyday life is really a challenge that needs our close attention. The small things that build up the daily routine matters because every small piece of waste now matters. The Earth is constantly being affected by rising sea levels, air pollution, and the accumulation of land waste. People are then forced to pay the price for these occurrences. Natural disasters and an unhealthy or polluted neighborhood affect many Filipinos today. This is why it takes the united effort of advocates, responsible citizens, and even local social enterprises to bring green living to the forefront.

Earthlings PH is one of these local social enterprises that believe in green living by providing everyday solutions to common problems such as one-use plastic or packaging. Their advocacy lies with their very branding that as an earthling, you are then committed to making sure you are an Earth-friendly citizen. This is done by making greener choices that make everyday living, even more, greener and sustainable for all. Earthlings Ph is currently selling natural bathing products such as shampoo bars. The shampoo bars are suitable for different hair needs such as hair fall and dandruff control.

Earthlings Ph’s candid take on a greener everyday life envisions a possible greener future if Filipinos are more committed to also buying more greener options for their everyday routine. By innovation greener products, Earthlings Ph’s impact on the environment matters. These products don’t only help to rethinking everyday routines but also is the start for more greener options down the line. By starting as a customer of Earthlings Ph, the impact to the greener Earth can begin.

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Green CollectiV
Groups of people who are united to save the earth form continuous environmental issues like global warming are one of the most solid solutions to better understanding the urgency of climate change and global warming. However, for this to work, there must be more accessible means to make small or great changes possible. In the Philippines, Green CollectiV is one of the more hands-on environmental enterprises dealing with these issues through their green products.

Their innovative green products are an array of everyday items that make your small, everyday choices more sustainable and bring less harm to the environment. These sustainable alternatives are sourced from Philippine materials that are all-natural or have less impact on the environment. For example, they have a bamboo toothbrush. When this is disposed of, no plastic waste is contaminating the environment compared to more common toothbrushes. Aside from toothbrushes, Green CollectiV also provides other essentials like shampoo bars and bamboo straws.

Green CollectiV’s innovative impact is in its model of providing everyday solutions to a greener earth. They are convinced that in order to better impact the world in a greener way, there needs to be a dedicated group of people who will commit to doing their part by making greener and more sustainable everyday choices. With this philosophy in mind, Green CollectiV’s ability to provide greener choices for more united efforts to save the Earth is a worthy and greener example that not only individual must take but even different enterprises or groups if we truly want a greener, more sustainable future.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/greencollectiv/