Female Positive

Sinaya Cup
Sinaya Cup is a female-positive social enterprise driven by eco-friendly solutions to reduce disposable menstrual pads or tissue waste. By introducing their flexible, washable, silicone menstrual cup (called Sinaya Cup), Filipinas are taught sustainable yet convenient ways to prepare themselves for menstruation. Sinaya Cup’s solution to one-use menstrual pads, tampons, and tissues impact the active lifestyle of women for the better. The state-of-the-art design of the cup gives women the freedom and easiness to still do activities such as water sports and rock climbing.

Driven by their advocacy for the environment, Sinaya Cup also has socially driven efforts that help Filipinas. Sinaya Cups were donated to low income women and students for relevant change in their daily lives. Sinaya Cup also advocates Filipina empowerment by openly discussing menstruation. By localizing sustainable solutions to women’s health, the gender perspective of Sinaya Cup in social development is a fresh take on the pressing social and environmental realities of the Philippines that need further attention.