Alima Community
Utilizing the collaborative and creative potential of art, Alima Community empowers Iloilo City’s poor by facilitating art workshops. Marginalized communities, such as the urban poor, gain new skills such as creating art pieces or products with depth and significance to their communities. Alima Community holds eco-crafting art workshops for the poor that will create zero-waste art products by using recycled waste in their vicinity. Then, these art products are sold each with their own unique story, design, and personal advocacy. Plus, these marginalized communities can also use and earn from their efforts.

With the phrase “artivism”, Alima Community’s blend of social advocacy through art has empowered their arts to collaborate on art workshops, community mural paintings, and other art-in-action endeavors. Their public art murals have captivated locals. Though Alima Community, change starts through creative innovation and social impact directly coming from a once marginalized, now empowered community. By drawing closer together and crafting unique solutions to empower individuals and artists, Alima Community brings art to reality and empowerment. 

Artivism Iloilo
Modern art in the Philippines has recently become more for the public and tackling advocacies and relevant social issues such as political change and environmental awareness. Public street wall murals and art demonstrations in the Philippines help communicate these relevant issues to the better understanding of the Filipino public. Artivism Iloilo is one of the more recent artivism movements, or art with an activism element, that is dedicated to “breaking walls by painting walls”. They are partnered with a fellow artivism social enterprise named Alima Community and they collaborate on mural painting projects that bring colors and ideas to life on walls.

One of the more recent innovative ideas of Artivism Iloilo has to do with a mural painting that visualizes the single plastic use issue in the oceans. Many marine creatures are killed when single plastic waste pollutes the oceans as the creatures accidentally eat or get caught in plastic. By making the mural, Artivism Iloilo was also able to bring the local community together. Small businesses, artists, and other interesting individuals came together to contribute to this social cause and bring life to the issue by translating it to public art.

By bringing artivism to the local community, Artivism Iloilo hopes to inspire more local artists from other communities in the Philippines to make more art-centered projects or social enterprises. It is Artivism Iloilo’s hope to also see other art forms become more socially engaged by communicating issues that pervade Philippine society and the world to not only make beautiful art but to shed light on the issue and hopefully bring more individuals to the crucial dialogue of making solutions and social change.