Marawi Tourism Social Enterprise
Driven by the unique culture, and scenery of Marawi and take part in poverty reduction; Marawi Tourism Social Enterprise is a determined social enterprise that practices sustainable livelihood while educating the youth and preserving their culture and the environment. One of their popular projects is what they call the “Torogan Social Enterprise”. The Torogan is a known cultural house among the Maranao people in Lanao. The torogan is the resting place of local nobility such as a sultan. The main purpose of this project is to preserve Torogan culture by way of making a wooden toy puzzle that becomes a miniature wooden replica of the Torogan.

By capturing creative ingenuity and youthful passion, Marawi Tourism Social Enterprise’s change in their community is to use social development as a means to empower the Lanao community. Marawi Tourism Social Enterprise’s team is composed of young individuals who are true blooded Mnidanaons who are inspired by social change and their proud heritage. Another notable project that captures this is the organized tour called the “KM0 Tour”. The tour is an invitation for tourists to experience the local beauty of Lanao del Sur through their food, rich heritage, and culture. Marawi Tourism Social Enterprise platform for social advocacy and tourism continues to bring true development to Mindanao. 

Kuya's Kampung
Is a community-led social enterprise founded by Romulo with the goal to transform a formerly war and poverty-stricken land into an ecotourism. It is in the initial stages of upland reforestation and vegetable production. He is developing and growing the social enterprise with the indigenous folks of Talaingod, Davao del Norte beloning to the Ata Manobo Tribe.
Founded by Romulo Tagal
-Active Citizen based in Davao del Norte, Mindanao.