Youth Empowerment

Edaya Cordillera

Up in the vast mountains in the Cordillera Region are youths waiting to better serve their community and filled with untapped creative potential. However, there is a lack of specialized opportunities such as creative education that are not readily made available to their youths. It is always a pleasure to see individuals from the Cordillera community growing up, studying hard, and bridging new opportunities for their fellow Cordillera brothers and sisters.

Edaya Cordillera is a dedicated social enterprise for empowering Cordillera youths by providing creative education and also by giving Cordillera individuals the resource to help better change their own communities through knowledge sharing and innovating. By blending the collaborative spirit together, Edaya pursues creative projects rooted in the rich indigenous wisdom and Cordillera identity that the youth already possess and enhances them to better and bigger capacity building.

For instance, Edaya Cordillera sees its creative roots in Japanese bamboo art since its partner is a renowned Japanese artist. Now, what Edaya Cordillera does is collaborate with the Cordillera community through their Cordillera thoughts and projects surrounding bamboo culture. Through this, Edaya Cordillera is able to challenge and engage in the real and urgent issues that their communities are facing through intensive workshops. Edaya Cordillera hopes to bring a consciousness in the Cordillera youth that their community needs them to become competent and contributing members in their community even after they finish their formal education. It is the hope of Edaya Cordillera to see more youths eager in education and being problem solvers in their own communities.